10 amazing ideas that will make the interior of the living room exclusive


Small mat breaks internal proportional space and makes its disharmonical. The optimum size – so that the front legs of chairs, sofas or chairs stood on the carpet. But what happens if the living room is already a miniature rug to cover only the central part of the floor? It is not necessary to get rid of him. It is better to buy a large mat the right size and put on top of it a bit. As the base of the carpet fit and braided carpet. It is desirable that the carpet was lower neutral color.

Shelves, which cover the wall from the floor and the second roof – the perfect solution for a small living room. It enlarges the room: a uniform construction, because, unlike some shelves, does not split the space into pieces. It was really convenient to have spacious shelves, choose a model with closed shelves on the bottom. So the rack in the living room will also act as a storage system. An important point – the bracket that holds the rack in upright position.

High sofas, the design is dominated by rectangular and square shapes, can be found in most living rooms. Similar models of stuffed furniture look quite strict and restrained, and it does not add comfort to the interior of the living room. Try to replace the clear geometry of soft lines, and the atmosphere in the room will be much warmer. Soft low sofas – an excellent choice for those who want to make a room heart truly alive at home.

A black or coal gray walls perfectly adequate to make an exclusive interior space without overwhelming it. This wall fits almost all room divisions. An important bonus: a black color in the wall behind the TV – the perfect solution that visually conceals the equipment has been brought to the general internal background.

Make a living room still sero-finished? Certainly the problem lies in the lack of different textures. Available in the living room of materials that differ from each other, revive its interior. Combine and combine different textures: soft-cheat fur trim for furniture, or cashmere knitted plaid, manchester curtains; natural handmade ceramics, stone, driftwood; shiny – metal frame, glass vases, mirrors; coarse – linen wipes, rugs, rugs, rattan furniture; tender – leather upholstery, polished wood.

TV – an important subject in every living room, but it does not mean that he would be the central part of the interior. There is still a living room designed to communicate with loved ones, not the interaction with technology. A worthy challenger for the role of the central elements of the interior – fireplace. If you install a real fireplace do not allow specification, note the electric or fake fireplaces.

If there is a window in the living room and the space around is empty, then try to arrange a mining corner where you can retire and enjoy the views. Do not forget the soft carpet and the lamp.