10 brilliant ideas by which a small kitchen will be stylish

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The advantage of the modest square meter – reduced consumption of finishing materials. So why not decorate the kitchen exclusive apron? The costs will not seem scary.

Living plants – a universal way of making the room more elegant. If the thought of flowers in pots does not like, try to replace them with spices and herbs that grow on a windowsill.

The carpet in the kitchen – a controversial decision. But this play is basically transforming the interior of the kitchen. To this was a practical interior, choose plastic models intended for the street. Remember that there are rugs that can be washed in the washing machine.

Changing the anger of boring furniture will take some time, but the effect of these minor changes will be impressive.

Do not hide the kitchen towels, better buy a pair of light towels and hang them in the most prominent places. Textiles, worth attention, accelerate the interior small kitchen.

To open shelves to make interior-sized small kitchens, focus their attention on the content. Appropriate shiny metal tools, ceramics with beautiful patterns. Another plus open shelves – their ability to increase the space visually.

Multi-level lighting is necessary for a small kitchen. Pay attention to the choice of beautiful lighting and interior design transformed.