10 brilliant ideas for interior design that will immediately take shelter

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Now for many people, apartments rent a long time – a way of life. Therefore, rental housing is not regarded as a temporary haven, but as something more meaningful. Buy furniture that lasts a season and then certainly break apart – a decision unfavorable in terms of costs. In addition, old furniture with worn out clothing will be a minus in front of the apartment tenants. Definitely not worth saving on buying a bed, be it a sofa or a bed. First of all, many tenants are paying attention to its quality. And this furniture is likely to fail first. Big burden falls on the couch. It is better to stay on the couch with a gray or black attire – they look outside the box, but it is convenient. Another plus to the stuffing on the couch becomes an opportunity to grow a special. Each refill lasts up Protector to protect against contamination.

Safe residents have personal things like decorating the inside – a favorite pillow, a picture in a frame, teddy bear. It is better to offer a neutral interior, which will be combined with the widest range of color and style. For example, as a reason we can take white, black, gray, beige. And so the interior does not look boring, diversify its seasonal decor.

The residents lived more nicely in the apartment, where it is necessary at least for the first time to live. Among the things that will be useful – linen. Fresh mattresses will also be a big plus for the apartment. If the mattress can not boast of novelty, after the most thorough cleaning, hide it behind a detachable cover.

Before the owner of the property there is a great temptation- As a closing material used ceramic tile floors. For example, "wood". This solution seems perfect, because the plates – the most durable and durable material. But the degree of insulation, which gives a tray – a minimum. Therefore, if you do not want to meet the neighbors complain of noise from below – choose wood or laminate.

To create in a rented apartment-relaxed atmosphere, a chandelier on the roof will be clearly insufficient. If the arrival of potential tenants is planned for the evening, then light the lights in the apartment above the bed or the sofa.

Suitable housing – are the equivalent personal preferences. Make sure the interior is dynamic. Come to support furniture transformers, shelves and wheelchairs. So the tenants will be able to change the situation with minimal effort and without damaging the floor.