10 creative bedside tables for living room and bedroom which surprise with its design

Spring Tour Ideas on how to style your
Spring Tour Ideas on how to style your bedside table

10 creative cabinets for the living room and bedroom that will surprise with its design

No tables or side tables sometimes the barracks do not do in the bedroom or small living room, it can replace the coffee table and become a storage system for your favorite books. There are models that are more perfect decorate the inside. We picked up ideas that were not difficult to implement on their own.

easy as pie
With the popularization of ekostilya in the interior is quite normal to give old things a second life. For example, use of wooden boxes as additional storage space, coffee table or cabinet.

Well, when the furniture is versatile and feature rich, especially if the apartment is small. Not bad to have a bedside table, which, if desired, easily turns into a nice rack.

Stand out from the old wooden box

desk height pedestals
Ladders two-legged cabinets saw the interior of a bedroom is quite unusual. It appears that this part of the table, which is hidden behind the wall. There are ladders and models for the living room, which are attached to or lean against the sofa. Very practical if you can not put a whole coffee table.

Stand out of the box
If the old table or chest of drawers came inappropriately, do not throw this furniture as a whole. You can leave some boxes and make them comfortable bedside tables, where it will be convenient to put any product or books.

Beautiful and very functional
Vintage suitcases and become obligatory-styled pieces of retro-style decor. They set a certain atmosphere and make the space exceptional. From vintage suitcase is easy to make a coffee table or cupboard, in addition to this feature, it will act as a hidden storage.

Vintage in all its shine
Another detail of vintage interior – vinyl record. She really can elegantly decorate the space in retro style and it can be decorated not only the walls, but also to use it as a table top for tables.

Marin style is perfect for registered interior. There must be parts of a rope. It can be bought in the ornamental shop and then decorate them ordinary cabinets.