10 effectieve manieren aanpassen keuken aan behoeften oudere mensen

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10 effective ways to adapt the kitchen to the needs of elderly people
It would be desirable to think of old age and problems as it does, but from it can not fly. Although he is still full of power and energy, then there are certainly old parents who have to take care. We offer 10 tips that help make the kitchen safer and more comfortable.

Set up a buffet with retractable drawers

The kitchen in the sky is the boundary of Design

If you press a box, you can customize content of all ages and can be found all necessary. This is very convenient when you can easily get a jar, cereal, no knee stitching, no bending or stabbing. The cabinet with drawers can store a portable kitchen machine, such as mixer, Multivarki, toaster.

It is necessary to abandon the sharp corners of workers' surfaces or open shelves. On them you can easily reach the elbow or hip at a sharp angle, maneuvering around the kitchen. Edged edges reduce the risk of bruising or bruising.

The kitchen of Adrienne DeRosa

Interior food from Southern Living

shallow zinc

If you have to make a choice, buy the stand, which is not deeper than 15 to 20 cm. In this case, it is easier to wash vegetables and dishes.

Set the microwave to a comfortable height

The kitchen in Yorkville Design Center

Not suitable for futuristic design, decorative legs, etc. in the house where the elderly live. The most important thing for them – The safety and comfort of ONM has not come true and does not meet the corners and forecasting knees, hips or socks.

The corners should also be useful

Corner cabinets can be fitted with cabinets or shelves where you can store a lot of useful, to maintain the order in the kitchen. They are very easy to use. Furthermore, the shape of corner boxes can be any. You can also use metal for extendable shelves in the shape of a crescent or other shapes.

You do not have to be restricted to the lower cooker hood for corner drawers and shelves of equipment. Comfortable corner cabinet with a door that opens like a dragonfly fur, does not take up much space, but it's quite spacious.

The Kitchen of Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Boxes much better common shelves then, immediately pinch all content. Boxes size saves space in the kitchen. Either wider 70 cm, it is possible to store pots and pans.

A place for pots

The optimum distance between the autonomous work area and lower kitchen doors – more than 90 cm, in order to make it easy to maneuver and have access to the drawers. But if you need a place to move around in a wheelchair, for kitchen recommends installing passages with a minimum width of 1.5 meters.

In tight kitchen the distance between walls or rows of cabinets and equipment should be at least 1 m.

The kitchen of Christina Karras

The Kitchen of Creative Design Construction, Inc

Material that reduces the risk of halkai kitchen, you must always be used for floors. For example, tile tile flooring, must have a rough surface. Stoneware absorbs less water than ceramic tiles or other materials. It is easy to install and easy to care for. Linoleum also has excellent properties.