10 functional ideas for small apartments

To create wholly functional and welcoming home in such a restricted space arrangement is a significant challenge that requires a bold and brave way of

Cool ideas for small interior

A small apartment – a real gem, and magazine of the most interesting interior ideas. It is in malogabaritki designers to showcase their professional potential to the fullest. After all, a large room is always easier to arrange than small. Here's the most important thing – to organize space and storage. How-to? We found 10 original solutions!

The dining room in the apartment of 25 sqm
Many people refuse to size kitchen size because they think it takes a lot of space. In fact, if you place a small couch near the wall and attach the compact round table call and nearby to hold a pair of folding chairs, the dining room will be perfect even in an apartment with 25 square meters.

Laconic partition for competent zone division odnushki
When odnushku needs a zone, but wants to interfere with the space, you can do it with a slightly transparent partitions. It will help to create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, separate from the main room and make the atmosphere light, relaxed.

White facades of furniture in a small kitchen
White conceals perfect flaws of space, especially if it's a small space. That is why designers are invited to choose a light furniture and kitchen shutters as the white (preferably slippery) facades. For balance, you can add some bright accents, while the interior does not look boring and monotonous.

The right lighting in a small apartment
One of the savior the small space – light. In a small apartment there should be plenty. For malogabaritok it is recommended to select the functional lamps, which are adjustable in length and can be locked in different positions. Not limited to a single chandelier. It is necessary to consider a further ceiling light, furniture, put some lighting on the table and hang on wall lamps.

The sleeping area is located behind the curtain
Most often, the owners faced malogabaritokoch problems – were to hide a bed. There is a very simple and effective way, especially good, he will be there, where the bed is in an alcove. For such a zone division, shadow and a few bars need to be determined. The result will be a perfect disguise for a place in Odnushke.

Storage under the roof
In a small flat storage the courage to use even in the ceiling, or rather, the space below. For example, to make hanging cabinets with open shelves, which have access from all sides.

functional shelves
The stand is much more suitable in a small apartment than a traditional wardrobe. As. What happens to the wall only makes it possible to move freely around the room. It is very spacious, and it can store a lot of things. And yet, if desired and necessary, it can be planned elements.

Laconic construction small bathroom
Small spaces always require conventionally-oriented design. This also applies to small bathrooms. For small bathrooms to look for plumbing cool design. It is necessary to immediately take care of the cabinet under the sink.