10 gemeenschappelijke fouten bij het ontwerpen van badkamerdesign en hun oplossingen

Reparatie in de badkamersfoto klein formaat
Bij het ontwerpen van een badkamer in uw huis, kunt u van tevoren plannen waar u het sanitair en meubilair kunt plaatsen. Er zijn geen beperkingen voor een

10 common mistakes when planning a bathroom design
Repair of the bathroom – nice but time consuming, everyone should think and plan. You should begin with an understanding of the main points: the budget, lifestyle, space and availability of materials. It is important to be aware of your goals and opportunities. We provide an overview of the most common mistakes that can completely ruin the joy of the long-awaited result.

The interior of the bathroom from McCollum Interiors

The interior of the bathroom by JLB Property Developments

Good study place where you do the repair before selecting materials and accessories. The only way to avoid mistakes and must return favorite in the store, because it is completely combined with its own design. The first thing to pick up things is the moisture as they will be in the bathroom. Cranes and showers should be chosen to fit. When choosing home decor, accessories and you need to think about whether they can be set, for example, on the wall. The fact that not all house walls are designed to mount heavy objects on them. In addition, the subject should be made available on the toilet so you have to think about the size of the purchased items.

If you ignore your lifestyle, the bath room is inconvenient, because there will be enough room to store things, it will be difficult to monitor the hygiene, and will not be in the relax. It is necessary to take into account the usage rate of the bathroom, water purification duration for each family member, the presence of young children or older parents. For example, if a family has children, the bath must be low. If you think long term, you should install a shower with thermostat and a low bath with a small space to sit with handrails.

The interior of the bathroom by Randell Design Group

Lamps for mirrors from Astro Lighting

The interior of a modern bathroom

In the case of tiles, you can not take into account the style. If you want to make a bathroom look modern, it is necessary to stop the choice on a hot plate. She has a very even edges and dimensions are the same, you can put tiles straight and close to each other. Straight angles provide sharp lines, a complete shape, but what should not be done in a modern design. If the bathroom is small, it is better to use tiles of large and bright colors. Furniture in a bathroom can match the color of tile or can contrast with it – the choice is yours.

Interior from bathroom furnishings Therapy

bathroom furnishings of house interiors

Money worth spending just on quality furnishings, finishes and surfaces. This will give the bathroom a perfect look. It is important to consider the choice of doors and handles for cabinets, fixtures, windows for windows, roller blinds and shutters, paint, etc. Sometimes these parts can completely destroy the overall look.

Interior bathroom in London apartment

Often, the savings can lead to additional expenses. If you buy goods more expensive it will be of higher quality, advanced and last longer. It is also necessary to allocate money for professional installation of plumbing. Do all good professional should master.

In the bathroom, like in other rooms in the house, you have to install a multi-level lighting – this is practical and aesthetically appealing. Mirror with built-in lighting or fixtures on both sides of the mirror – a great place to start. Integrated lighting in the floor allow the bathroom to look in particular, this method will help create mood and change overall appearance. If there was a place for decorative items, for example, the Greek amphora, they should illuminate the separate bathroom. The combination of different types of lighting makes it possible to feel comfortable in the bathroom at any time of the day.

The interior of the bathroom ripples the bathroom

Plastic flooring is good quality care and is quite durable and strong material. Unlike ceramic tiles vinyl soft and warm, and slip. In addition, vinyl flooring is available in a variety of color schemes, patterns, so it will not be difficult to find a suitable material for decoration and interior. The higher the elasticity of vinyl coating, the longer will last. Vinyl plates – this is the most reliable vinyl flooring from the vinyl series. If you choose a cheap vinyl floor, there will be a restriction in the choice of color, pattern and quality, and therefore an overview of the bathroom suffer.

floor from Harvey Maria