10 golden rules that will make the design of the bathroom superb

Say bonjour to glamour with a French flair when you marry chinoiserie wallpaper and soft silver accents with our magnifique White Cliff design.

The permanent area is not among the virtues Most bathrooms. But forget that many try to fill the space to the maximum. As a result, there are many small bathroom furniture and sanitary ware, intended for large rooms. The key to success – finding compact counterparts. For example, a shower, bathroom with bathtub, instead of a separate cabin; Hanging mini sink instead of embedded in the countertop. You feel comfortable in the bathroom, if you can turn freely, while mistakes turn any furniture.

Bathroom – the place where mysterious waysThere accumulate countless bubbles and bottles of cosmetics. Add picture towels, bathrobes The result – a bathroom starts to resemble a warehouse. To avoid this situation, do not forget that the interior of a bathroom should contain a storage system. There are many options – from high shelves to hanging open shelves.

To the interior of the bathroom and looked enholistic, see it as a place consisting of a set of horizontal and vertical planes. For example, the plane of the floor, walls, sinks and bath screens, shelves Most of all, these planes are not divided into smaller pieces and maintained in a uniform design. So in most cases, add some bright tiles on the wall in one color is not the best idea.

A small area of ​​the bathroom makes them the most suitable space for creative experiments. So why not combine it with the nearest bathroom, for example, a bedroom? Partial lack of walls allows you to make the bathroom very well lit, and the two adjoining rooms – more spacious. A compromise option could be a mobile glass wall.

The more natural light in the room-nasty is to find it. Of course, most of the apartments layout does not allow sunlight to penetrate the bathroom. But if possible, do not abandon it, carefully close the windows blackout curtains. To maintain integrity, use frosted glass panes. It is worth reminiscent of the construction of practices that existed during the Soviet era. It includes the presence of a small rectangular window between the bathroom and the room next to the top of the wall. This window can be made in case if one of the bathroom walls is not a carrier.

Air requires a multi-level lighting less than the other rooms. Maybe a little more. After all, for example, makeup only applied to the ceiling lamps – is very difficult. So do not forget about the small lamp near the mirror.

Trendy decor of most bathroom amenities in laconic white and cream tones. This is a win-win-stop solution. But if you want to make an exclusive environment, the non-standard parts are needed. The most important thing – to find a balance between good taste and bad taste. One or two of bright accents in the interior of the bathroom would be enough. For example, the original features can be custom colored baths or a wall lined with decorative tiles.