10 great ideas for interior living room

10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas That Will Delight You | Contemporary Livingu2026Like the stone work and the floors

Good ideas for inner spaces

Interior living room should always be faultless- Comfortable, stylish, attractive. This room is characterized by landlords and sets a certain atmosphere. How can you ensure that the interior of the living room only produced a good impression? There are some interesting techniques that will be useful for any space.

Retro card instead of wallpaper
To get away from the norms and make the interior unusual, pay attention to the alternative type of decoration. For example, instead of wallpaper to use to scale the image in retro style cards. Support will travel the theme of coffee stoic like the chest, a chair with leather upholstery and vintage-style lighting.

successful disguise
If the TV seems to destroy the whole interior painting, it's better to hide. You can use plywood and create from a stylish screen or sliding door, which will hide the TV.

convenient storage
The living room is very important to organize comfort storage systems. In particular, this role fits shelves and open shelves. Owners of small spaces should pay attention to the angle model and high furniture.

dynamic carpet
Living room – a room that has communication and dynamics. Therefore, there will be no more than a mat of stripes, diamonds, zigzag and geometric shapes. Especially relevant for small prints such premises.

corner benches
In the small living room is not a lot of alternative place sofas, one of them – the corner. To do this, you need to find a concise model without armrests and ornate furnishings. In a living account, do not take any couch and wall decorations or lights.

turquoise pillow
Decorative pillows are real-life monotone interior. They make notes in the space fresh, riveting their attention and making way for an interesting visual experience.

In the winter, especially not enough sunlight, so not superfluous to the use of warm colors in the interior. Special comfort will provide space accessories and elements made in yellow color.

spots of sunlight

Tones of tenderness
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