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The most creative houses.
It is about reducing the total free space for building houses, coming to the rescue of a small but functional home. They cost less, and seats are occupied, respectively, as well. But even under these conditions, there is always room for creativity. In this review, there were 10 houses of creative small size, where you live each and every one.

Hemloft – a real tree house.
Young American Joel Allen embodied his dream of childhood and built a house on the Hemloft tree. To build a shed, the guy threw most of the work and went to learn the basics of carpentry. The result was nice and clean housing egg-shaped.

Minimod – a modular home fully assembled at the factory.
Size of 26 square meters. meter Minimod pre-assembled at the factory. In addition to such a small design we have established a number of "green" technologies, such as the rainwater system and solar panels. On the roof there are several beds with herbs.

Mountain cottage – a house in the Austrian Alps.
This mountain cottage (mountain cabin) was specifically painted in ash shade to melt in with the snowy slopes of the Alps in winter and in summer, on the contrary – effectively contrasting with the green meadows.

Exbury Egg – Wood Melt. mean.
This unusual floating plant – nothing else, a mining laboratory Exbury Egg. Inside there are only the most necessary to live: a hammock, shower, stove, mini-fridge and all kinds of measurements. The sun is for this design, the only source of energy.

Port-A-Bach – a house of containers.
Port-A-Bach – A perfect example of mobile home-made containers. This house is designed for a family of 4 people. The front wall opens, performs features terraces and the team brought out a bunk bed. Two further beds lean off the kitchen cabinets.

Ufogel – 'foreign' cottage.
A kind of cottage on stilts for all fansFrilling building architectural agency Urlaubs Architektur. Name Ufogel The house consists of a combination of two words: "UFO" and "bird". So the shape of the garden can be seen either as a spacecraft, or as a bird boar.

Snow House – a house made of transparent glass.
Snow House was designed by the Italian architects more aesthetic motives, rather than practical. The only advantage of this "castle in the Snow Queen" is the fact that the absolute unity with nature.

The house, a converted garage.
Designer Michelle de la Vega turned her handsome messy garage into a small but cozy house of 24 square meters. meter. The only thing that has changed the design parameters: Raise the ceiling through a gauge and slightly increased length of the garage, thereby giving a place for the bathroom. As practice shows, when housed in mind, it's no worse than big houses for comfort and home drive . And these 10 amazing huts – a perfect example of "more" does not mean "better".