10 rasprostranjonnyh oshibok pri oformlenii

10 časté chyby v konštrukcii nádvorí a ich korekčné metódy

10 common mistakes when you make a courtyard and methods for their correction
farm landscaping – not an easy task, so miss unfortunately can not be avoided. We offer 10 of the most common errors and their correction methods.

Spring flower bed can also be bald

It is necessary to take into account seasonal variations when placing the yard

It has to be remembered that the plants grow, while taking up much more space on a bed than on landing. Therefore, it is important to achieve such a situation and leave flowers as they need space. It's okay if a discount in the spring will look a bit bald.

The yard will look attractive for the whole year. It's too bad if it has bright colors in the spring or fall. It is best to plant plants that bloom in different seasons, from early spring to late autumn.

Pay attention to all the parts needed to

Contact interior and exterior

exaggerated decor

Too much of all types of decor It distracts from the beauty of nature. It is possible to turn the colors and freshen the garden. Therefore, it is not necessary to expose all that is at hand, even if everything is insanely in love.

It is necessary to choose the right colors

less time, easier care must be

If the farm looks amazing firstFlower days after planting and decorations, then slowly begin to lose its appeal, meaning you do not have time to keep its status. This factor must also be considered when planning.

Tools do not happen a lot

A well-chosen tool can both simplify and complicate the care of the farm. If you consider that a list of all the necessary tools, gardening makes it easier and more effective.

Usually landscaping takes into account their views during the day during daytime. But what it looks perfect today. It can look very unattractive evenings. Therefore, it is important to consider the litigation court. Proper weight will help turn the farm at night into a wonderful place for recreation.

Correct lighting

The farm is designed to rest in the open air, admire the bright colors and the beauty of nature so it's important to choose comfortable furniture. Armchairs are best taken with wide seats, armrests and cushions. Do not disturb yourself any extra podushek.Odnim the best would be beautiful wrought iron furniture. It is durable, withstands heavy rain, burning sun and sudden temperature changes.

Furniture should be comfortable