10 really cool ideas for small bathroom

Small bathroom ideas

Cool ideas for a small bathroom

Do not turn into a small bathroom? There is no place to store shampoo, shower gel and other body care products? We picked up a truly functional, useful and original idea for a small bathroom space. They should definitely not take arms!

Storage under the sink
Another option – to hide bottles of gelerschampo and shower under the sink. Here you can place your towels, cotton sticks, ear studs. This will help relieve space and release a wall of extra shelves.

retractable niche
When there is an urgent need of additional storage systems, comes with the help of a retractable hidden niche. It's not hard to install in one of the walls, it does not take up much space and holds a lot of personal hygiene products.

Engage niche
Sometimes layouts in very small bathroom areas in such areas are not uncommon to find uncomfortable niches. They should also take a storage system, for example, place the hanging baskets.

Organizer for toilet paper
This idea really appeal to those who like to read in the bathroom. Creating such a simple organizer needs a plank and a toilet paper holder.

Pin for gels and creams
Very handy when you take a shower gel or soap to hold your hand. For this practical clothes nipple, with which you can fix the tube with one or other device.

folding shower
Shower takes less space than a bathroom, but sometimes there is not enough room for the tray in the bathroom. In this case, designers come with brilliant folding shower!

Built-in shelves
Built-in shelves are suitable in the bathroom with a shower. They do not take up much space, contribute to the creation of a careful and elegant interior, and allow us to solve storage problems.

Women often keep their creams in the bathroom, and sometimes take up most of the sink and shelves. To save space, you can have bottles of cartons and fold on an open container.