10 simple solutions for perfect order in house

Create a Mail Organizer with File Folders

Ideas for efficient storage in the house

In order to achieve the perfect order in the interior of the dreams almost every woman. How to organize storage and make your life easier? Are there any universal solutions that do not require special costs? We have found the ideas that will be relevant to anyone who wants to restore the system in the house with minimal effort and time.

a touch of glamor
Sometimes, to make a stylish interior, enough to add some details. For example, dark furniture home office spills sprinkle of gold. On the shelves to put decorated box for storing small things.

Braided baskets with tags
Baskets are so versatile that they can store anything they are well ventilated, so you can put them in clean clothes and even vegetables. To keep things in such containers, it is easier to equip them better to the particular tags and labels.

The original solution
It's no secret to cork board-sized rescues where you want to attach reminders and important papers. But for a change, you can cut the board into small pieces and make them into the overall composition. So the interior will be more interesting, but the board does not lose its functionality.

clothes bag
Standard laundry takes up a lot of space in the bathroom, and if the area is limited, it is very noticeable. In this case it is better to change the textile bag, which can easily be mounted on a wall.

Cloth nipple with cloth nipple
How to store scarves or bands so that they always were in perfect condition? For this handy set of sticks, wood slab and glue. This hanger can be installed both in the bedroom and in the corridor – it does not take much time.

transparent banks
The kitchen can be the best assistant-transparent banks, where it is advisable to store cereals, flour, pasta and other dry products. These organizers can be placed in a cabinet or shelf to put it open, where they will be comfortable to take when you cook.

Storage on TV control remote control
It often happens to find the remote control – A real test. That he never lost and always at hand, it is desirable to sew fabric organizer for him. Doing it is not difficult, but it will greatly facilitate the search for the remote.

How to clean up the mess at the workplace and find everything needed? With this help the little organizer who is easy to make foam and cork leaves and keep them together with superlime. In such a house can be folded pens, pencils, notebooks, tape, headphones, rubbers and other necessary things.