10 veranderingen die snel en profitabel verkopen

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PDF) Government involvement in liberalised gas markets: A welfare

10 changes in the house, which helps quickly and profitable sell it
Due to the fact that decisions interfere with new problems, and repairing housing can not always meet expectations. Sometimes money spent on repairs can go, and sometimes play a terrific joke. We offer examples of property changes that will help prevent or profitable to sell the house.

If you plan to repair, it is always necessary to find the balance between the budget and the desired result. If the economy does not allow too much to dream, you should only keep basic techniques and areas of reconstruction.

1. Kitchen. Repair of space just needs to freshen up the decor and furnishings. This is a wise investment. When planning and choosing design, equipment, furniture, accessories and materials for work surfaces, must determine priority – aesthetics or money, or to find a balance. For example, you can limit a facelift. Since the beginning, for example, from the walls, you can proceed to the exchange of plumbing and equipment. And in this case, the repair will last longer than planned, and draws a serious financial expense, which can not be justified.



2. Enlargement. Extending an existing space – a good idea, but it would mean the destruction of the walls, the construction of a new foundation, a new roof, additional windows and replaced interior and exterior. If it is possible to take such costs, it is necessary to expect a positive result – not only the expansion of space, but also for tourists.

3. External reconstruction. It is known that the lid does not judge the book itself, but the expensive cover indicates that the book is not cheap. Therefore, the type of fence, farm and exterior of the house is of great importance to form the first impression potential buyers. You should start with landscaped bushes on the farm, planting new plants. These cheap and simple techniques can help a court in the right form. We have to paint the fence wall in the house, replace old windows or doors, and potential buyers will appreciate it.

4. Reconstruction of the bedroom. This is the parents' bedroom. It's the adults who choose to buy, so it's important for them where they will sleep. Improvement, renovation or addition of some elements in the bedroom justifies the money. Bedroom – A private space for potential buyers, and they need to see something that is calculated in terms of quality and style.


5. bathroom. When you buy a home buyer will want to see the bathroom. Therefore, it should stick to the reconstruction and repair techniques principles in the kitchen. Cosmetic update space and save money. Serious repairs will require a lot of time and money and can not be effective.

1. Children's room. If children in the room are installed wall bars, where they want to climb or slide, this is a good idea, because children will be busy interesting work for several hours. Perhaps this is the ultimate dream for all children. But it is not certain that it is necessary for potential buyers. Climbing wall as the children climb, they can cause negative reactions and associations. It would be better to sell such items to settle and replace more traditional ones.

swimming pool

2. Pool. Millions of people like the idea of ​​having a pool in the yard. This is beautiful, and status. However, potential buyers may perceive the cost of maintaining the pool as a waste of money.

wine cellar


3rd wine cellar. Design extravagant wine cellar is impressive, maybe, and a potential buyer who has a good collection of wines will also be amazed. But what do you do if the buyer is not a fan of wine? Rather a more traditional style and design it would have been more favorable.


4. Disassembly. Do not remove pre-sale items, such as a fireplace, even if they are never used. If it seems like without the fire well, and suddenly the future owner of the house will be happy to see him.