11 exciting ideas that will make the perfect interior white kitchen

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"Practical" and "white" for many-almost one and the same. But this approach is no longer relevant. For example, there are colors for walls that, regardless of color tones, easily survive wet cleaning and less prone to contamination. For the manufacture of furniture and decoration materials, choose decent quality – this will facilitate the care of a white kitchen. In any case, the room will have to clean up, but the frequency of cleaning depends on personal preferences. Controlled only in terms of practicality, it is unlikely to succeed in creating a high quality interior.

Refined kitchen interior design – white furniture and walls, combined with dark floors and countertops. This construction is not boring. But anytime you want to animate it can put on the windowsill pots with green plants, change the bedding on the lighter. The highlight of the white kitchen with contrasting details becomes an unusual lighting system.

To white kitchen fittings near-ideally, not necessarily prodelyvat scale work. One or two really interesting details effectively transform the interior of the kitchen. Unusual dishes on open shelves, abstract poster on the wall, hexagonal tiles on the floor instead of the usual rectangular – and white decor acquire personality.

Bright curtains or table tops, furniture frontermed colored posts – obvious solutions for the revitalization of the interior white kitchen. But to choose a high contrast, quite easy to cross the borders for good taste. We recommend turning to more innovative solutions. For example, painted in a bright color on the inner part of the locker cabinet. This will not be bored in the kitchen: Periodic WOW effect is guaranteed.

Bright white walls in the kitchen – a risk table solution that can make the decor quickly bored. But if the idea of ​​colorful walls does not rest, it is better to reach a compromise with their own wishes – to make an accent wall, but it is ready to choose not to paint and wallpaper with an unusual pressure. Note the wallpaper with nice patterns or asymmetric images.

White is considered due to its neutrality-marked background for complex structures, such as bricks. An uneven surface and a warm brown color become an island of relaxation restrained neutral white. A practical solution would be a brick wall with protective impregnation, protected from contamination.

The total surface of the kitchen apron small, so afford the most daring experiment with its colors and materials. Extravaganza's apron level is in the interior of the kitchen in white. Ethnic jewelry, multicolored mosaic, large patterns on glass or metal, gold trays – will suit any practical finishing kitchen apron. But if that's the only accent in the design.

At first glance, it may seem that white interiors, which by default are perceived as light, do not need to elaborate lighting systems. But this misconception can play a terrific joke with the owners of the house: using the kitchen in the evening makes it difficult and unpleasant. So do not forget to make sure the work and dining area is adequately lit, high thresholds are not made on plants and curtains – mobile.