11 fabulously beautiful bedrooms which are easy fall laws

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11 beautifully beautiful bedrooms, which are easy to fall in love with
To make a proper luxury bedroom mother's beauty queen, you need to take the expensive materials and combine them with decorative elements, including patterns and murals. We offer 11 professional tips on how to create an incredible atmosphere in the room, which will be a cozy and beautiful place for a relaxing and sweet sleep.

Interior Bedroom by Jackson Paige Interiors, Inc.

Bedroom furnishings by Greg Natale

Light up your bedroom using an overhead light chronaoch add a soft shine of stylish table lamps mounted on the nightstand. A pair of wall lamps complete the appearance as a whole and create a suitable atmosphere, especially if the walls or ceilings are decorated in neoclassical style. It is necessary to stay away from Amurchik, not to overdo it with glamor.

Whether it is dressed in velvet, silk or linnety bedspread is a natural part of the luxurious decor in all bedrooms. The space in the bed in the room "suite", presented in pictures, framed with gilded frame with curls and perfectly matching Hollywood style of the 20's. Another sign that this bedroom is living a real princess is the presence of a large blanket that covers the whole bed, dark curtains to ensure privacy and perfectly designed lighting systems.

Bedroom furnishings by SPG Architects

Bedroom furnishings by Andrew Howard Interior

Bedroom furnishings by Taylor Howes Designs

Create an atmosphere in the bedroom, which is located relaxed, thanks to modern tones. White will always be in place, but if you add a few other accents that enrich the interior. Different shades of pink are perfect for a princess bedroom, but do not forget about Prince's preferences. Combining pink and light gray gives you the necessary balance.

Bedroom interior of Dreamy White

Interior Bedroom from The Cross Interior

If you're not ready to go to sleep then sit down in a comfortable chair, read a book or watch a movie in peace and quiet. A small but comfortable boudoir chair comes in handy. It is possible to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Bedroom interior design by Camilla Mölder Design

Choose these wallpaper so that the magical way to create the necessary atmosphere in the bedroom. Purple tones very relaxing, purple – pink shades – inspiring, but nothing can be compared with silver or gold leaf. The wallpaper with metallic printing is considered sensitive and must be combined with a matte white linen color and add the image of refinement space in general.

Let ease and delicacy reign in your white bedroom through the curtains of muslin or organza, which will decorate the chandeliers. The atmosphere is promoting relaxation, but do not exaggerate with glamor, keep the balance in everything – add the decor of natural elements.

poster bed

This retro lamp, decorated with feathers, in the style of Hollywood 20s looks perfectly in the interior, combined with a stylishly mirrored bedside table, bedspread, satin and nails clothed with precious stones and silk linens.

Bedroom furnishings by Ania J Interiör

Do you like to put your jewelry and perfumes on open shelves or on the surface of the chest? Then this old chest of drawers is perfect. Shelves – an important part of the interior is not just a bedroom, but the other rooms. They are ideal for arranging extra space, you only need to use the shelves in the interior.