11 options for zoning with sliding interior partitions

11 different zoning with sliding interior partitions. More information: http://wonderdump.com/11 different zoning with sliding interior partitions/

Elegant way to divide space into zones.
The great advantage of sliding partitions while they offer completely flexible solution space in the house. Thanks to them – and if you want to isolate each area, and then again to open it. And these 11 variants – a great source of inspiration for those who are thinking about remodeling.

A great way to create a couple of rooms in an apartment studio.

Stylish design sliding walls in Moroccan style.

A great way to partially separate the two rooms.

Coupling usually needs to completely protect themselves from work.

Bena partition between the bedroom and the living room, you can find yourself in a large living room.

The kitchen is separated by a partition.

This fence method is perfect for those who are afraid of enclosed spaces.

Handle the elegant version of the design of the sliding door.

With this you can separate the kitchen door is not completely leaves little room for free passage.
The same can be planned space thanks to these 15 original indoor partitions or use outdoor options by creating accent walls in the interior.