12 design tricks that will make any room more beautiful and more attractive


Nyan's color for the walls is more important than it might seem at first glance. Test several types of color in small parts of the wall directly in the room where there will be afterwork, and then only make a final selection. The lighting details can change the view of color.

Some really interesting and high-quality decor instead of many mediocre – the right choice. In addition, such an approach would save square meters.

The desire to live in a trendy interior is understandable, but the priority factor when choosing a style for the room is better to make a personal preference. This guarantees a comfortable stay in the house.

The key interior detail, which is the highlight of the room should not be hidden from transparency. The best place for it – on the wall opposite the entrance to the room.

We recommend without regret to get rid of all the parts that do not fit the concept of the interior. Will not match the style of the room, no place in it.

HRS]9. Attention to scale and proportion

Too small decorations in the living room go unnoticed. An important point in a small room can look strange. To a large interior, the appropriate group saw it in a single composition with fines.

Unexpected combinations of objects in the interior can produce a fantastic effect. Do not be afraid to experiment, because the result is worth it.

Get advice from professional interior designers, it's time to explore The latest design ideas that will soon be trendy. I'm sure they'll be useful to those who like how to change the interior for the better.