12 elegant and functional dining tables Japanese style

America Dining Table

Japanese dining table.
Traditional Japanese tables are quite versatile: they function simultaneously as dining and decorative, and those that have a conversion mechanism, all conveniently removed or broken to the desired height, which is very beneficial in terms of small apartments. In our review of 12 elegant and functional Japanese-style tables, which dampens all European.

Round the table you can sit on soft pillows or fluffy mat.

Convenient table, which can be hidden in the floor when not needed.

The table shows that the Japanese food table must not be low.

This unusual table is quite low, so instead of chairs, it is preferable to use a pillow.

Impact of Japanese and European cultures shown in the interior of a kitchen.

An interesting solution for the seats, suitable for low-japanese dining tables.

The popular Japanese dining table design view, which is hidden in the floor when not in use.

The table in different shades of green and flowering wall creates an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.

The table allows you to use the dining room as a place of entertainment.

In fact, it is not necessary to have a minimalist interior, to keep home a refined table, but those who love eastern shortness, surely, the taste of the mansion has been decorated in Japanese style, where every subject of our review would have looked good .