12 inspirerende ideeën om u te helpen in uw huis een romantisch interieur

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Wanneer onverwachte gasten voor de deur staan, kan je hen gegarandeerd een comfortabele nachtrust aanbieden

Perhaps some of this moment may seem of course, but it is with a thorough cleaning of the house begins to create a romantic setting. Purity and freshness – Key attributes of romance in all its forms. Therefore, if there is a choice – clean the house or make an extra pink and red decor, it is best to choose the first option.

Traditional romance pink is considered. But red is more versatile in terms of compatibility with other shades and has no connection with infantilism. Therefore, we recommend to place interior bright accents of red: flowers, decorative pillows, vases, statuettes make red the dominant color in the decor is not. Otherwise, the situation will be perceived as dangerous and contribute to excessive stimulation of the nervous system.

The perfect romantic setting – this is, perceived by several senses. About the visual component, we have taken care of a little bit, so it's time to influence the smell. Quality air freshener with floral fragrance, essential oils of rose and jasmine in aroma lamp, incense An appropriate method is chosen depending on the reasons for creating a romantic interior – to honor a holiday or as a permanent decoration.

For every person's romance – the individual set of components. But among the ways to create a romantic interior, which can be regarded as universal – cozy corners intended for a limited number of people. For example, miniature bench in the garden, sit on the wide windows, a pair of rocking chairs near the fireplace, comfortable sofa at the window make sure the seats were really comfortable. Do not wear redundant blankets and pillows.

More romantic color than white, it is difficult. Amount of palette shades of white – from milk to smoky – allow everyone to pick up the color to taste. Transparent curtains, natural skin on the floor, are soft furniture covers designed in this color – and romantic furnishings ready. Residence, where white is chosen as the dominant color in the interior gives its passengers a sense of calm and faith in a better future. But that situation is not reminiscent of a hospital or office, it is necessary to put bright accents.

Living room and bedroom – The room that is often associated with romantic decoration. But it can be more romantic than an unexpected surprise? Try the main ingredient cocktail "romantic decor" make a bathroom. Light marble tiles, white towels, drapery draped vertically, a stand-alone roll-top bath – and refined environment is complete.

Romantic atmosphere and light – almost intrinsically. But for daily use, light does not fit, so pay attention to other types of lighting. Replacing them will be able to spotlights. The most important thing – to create a multi-level lighting in the house because the ceiling lamp was not the only source of light. It is also recommended to choose a light bulb with warm or neutral glow rather than cold white. If a romantic setting dedicated to any holiday, it is better to light a candle immediately after the arrival of the guests. After wax drops that form quite quickly, do not look the best way.

Antiques are the charm of the long sedansist times and give a painful feeling of nostalgia. That's why their presence in the romantic decor – is necessary. If these antiques at your disposal do not pay attention to their artificially aged counterparts. Look carefully at the style of interior shabby-chic, country and Provence: the most romantic view of construction implies the use of quite vintage things.

To experience romance in touch, use a soft inside textiles – the side, chenille, matlass manchester. Costume and other touch material that gives positive feelings – a mild natural or artificial fur, light tulle.

Romantic atmosphere is ready? Do not stay there, ask how to make the interior of the living room even more impressive.