12 most amazing bathroom for rest and complete relaxation body and soul

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12 most amazing bathrooms for relaxation and total relaxation of body and mind
Many asked for the most effective method of relaxation and rest at the end of a hectic day. Many can be called luck, because a normal procedure they put a significant relaxation factor as an incredibly beautiful view of the neighborhoods, the city or the sea views. There are others that, due to circumstances, limit lush vegetation, a variety of water supply and river rocks. We offer a tour of the amazing bathroom, best for water purification.

Bath overlooking the forest in Mexico

Bath is surrounded by greenery in the United States

Location: Mexico City, Mexico Type: Detached Baths Overlooking the Surrounding AreaHouse: Modern House for a Family of FourArchitect: Lopez Duplan ArquitectosLuft, located in a house in the west of Mexico City, overlooks a small grove. During the reconstruction of the house architects company Lopez Duplan Arquitectos specially equipped her to the third floor to provide a beautiful view. Perfect combination with this kind of marble sand color and a glass wall that allows you to easily enjoy the beauty of nature. Free standing Tub elegant shape is the center of assembly, and is equipped with beautiful modern mixer. Just a step away from the bath is a shower.

Location: Palo Alto, CA, USAbad Type: outdoor tub and views of the treesHouse: Modern wooden house with a cozy and warm atmosphere, owned by a young familyArchitect: Katie Shveyb and Arterra Landscape ArchitectsThis is the place for outdoor lifeIt is located on the second floor of the house and looks like a spa where the family visited during a trip to San Francisco. Architect Katie Shveyb established baths surrounded by a small artificial garden: California here thanks to the mild climate year-round berries, rosemary and other herbs. The bath can be taken here in July and January. Sewage systems use wastewater to water the garden, which is particularly important in the dry climate. Bath is equipped with a backrest for comfort and protective shade of red cedar from curious eyes.

Relaxing bath in Russia

Bath and a fireplace in Italy

Beautiful view of the sea in Denmark

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Bath Type: Opolerad ek bathtub local rasHus: Villa with large terraceArchitect: Space CPHBadrum on the terrace at the end of the bedroom owner was formed just to enjoy the sea in the northern part of Copenhagen. Basically it is used in summer and spring and autumn, to refresh and relax, located in the hot water. No additional equipment here has not been established, because the customers simply wanted the bathtub, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view. Bathroom made of local oak.

Bath in the garden surrounded by greenery in Australia

Bath with panoramic views of the city in Spain

Location: Toledo, SpainBath Type: Wave bath, customized by Italian company Macro, with shelves for storage of towels, soap and shampoo House: House on the banks of the river TejoArchitect: Bruno MigelezCustomers really like the location of the house, and especially views from Toledo from bathed windows and privacy, they have received through the work of architects. They could equip a modern bath, made of wood and glass, with everything you need. Customers are very pleased with Turkish bath. All rooms in the house oriented to the beautiful view of the city. This bathroom has become part of the main bathroom with access to the terrace. Wooden floors give a warm and cozy.

The view from the window of the bathroom in Germany

Location: Rostock, northeastern part of Germany bath Type: independent bath in the form of an egg in a unique environmentHouse: Penthouse 300 m2, terrace 70 m2Architect: BaustudioKastlWith the owner vannoyotdyhaet in that, according to the expanses, Rostock harbor town of the 11th century, the port and Warnow the river, which flows into the Baltic Sea. Architects had no doubt that free-standing bathtubs are installed, the closer the window, as the view of the river and surrounding area is simply stunning. Bathroom design and other facilities involved the architect Heiko Castle with his wife Peggy. Peggy installed next to the bathroom a sofa for relaxing after a bath, located in another part of the bathroom. Sofa with a practical point of view will fit a skin, which is used for decoration of boats. Paul trimmed limestone tough, trimmed radiant trees that withstand high temperatures, and the column spun Orotilesot Bisazza. In the mirror uncovered TV, but it is worse than the weight of the magnificent view from the window.

Location: Berkshire, England Bath Type Bathtub in Marble RamHus: A New Modern Country HouseArchitect: Gregory PhillipsA luxurious bathroom with a beautiful view out the windowIt belongs to hand architect Gregory Phillips. During the planning of a new country house, Phillips worked closely with the owners to ensure that customers exactly want to carefully combine the exterior and interior. To the right a large window that gives a panoramic view of the maximum is a bath in a marble sarcophagus. Philips wall and floor bathroom use expensive natural materials subdued colors. Graceful stainless steel wall components and mirrors without frames do not divert attention from the beautiful scenery. All cabinets and shelves hidden behind mirrored surfaces on the wall.

Elegant Bath in Britain

Location: Chiba Prefecture, Japan Bath Type Bathtub has a croissant, made of Japanese granite House: one-storey wooden house surrounded by oaks where they live a middle aged wife and two sonsArchitect: M ArchitectsSitting in a luxurious bath in the form of a crescent moon, is it possible to the view from the window in two meters of artificial waterfalls in the pond in the garden. The shape and size of a bathtub can comfortably accommodate it. In addition, the bath is visually very large, but one step at the bottom makes it possible to fill it with some water. In a small garden, overlooking the view from the window, there is a wooden roof and trees, so individuality is guaranteed. Granite was taken from the Izu Peninsula, in the southwest of Tokyo. Dark stone in the water the color turns blue. The bath is finished with black granite. Customers liked the combination of colors in the interior of the bathroom, behind a shiny black wall is a bathroom.

Granite bath meditation in Japan

Location: Sechelt, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanadabad Type: Detached Bath with Sea ViewsHouse: House Designer and Her Mansion Architect: Kevin SemSmall bathroom, width of 1.8m, It provides a beautiful view of the Canadian west coast of the ocean and coastal forest of strawberry trees and centuries-old pines. A free-standing bathtub from Victoria & Albert was created with everything you need. Clean lines and a bright white color contrast with orange wood frame and blue sea. This is a great place for rest and relaxation at the end of a busy week. In the wall there is a niche there to put light, wine, attributes relaxation inherent in the foam bath.

Location: Skåne, southern SwedenBath Type: claw-foot bathtub from the Swedish brand GustavsbergHus: Children's summerhouse after reconstructionArchitect: LASC StudioVilla owners want to get out of the bathroom with homes overlooking the neighborhood, so the architects of the company LASC Studio installed a large window through which a bath, you can enjoy the countryside. Bathroom Рit is part of the reconstructed old farm, so the floor is of concrete and construction and finishing Рcheap material. The shower enclosure is hidden so the bathroom is not filled with moisture. In a concrete bench under the window is hidden heating elements, so comfortable and warm to sit and look out the window on the fields, the sky and a small forest.