13 ideas home decor with sea shells

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Seashells in the interior.
Many people know how it feels when you leave at sea, I want to take something for a holiday memory: souvenir, stone or shell. The latter, by the way, more than collect dust on the bookshelves. But we know at least 13 ways to make them interesting.

It can be used for making such a decorative tree not only must but also beads, rocks, fabrics, bands and more.

Elegant panels of sackcloth, wood and shell.

Very simple and elegant at the same time a picture of shells, stones and sand.

Very beautiful shells in a glass container. They can fill in vases, bottles, cans, candlesticks and other vessels.

Plain frame stitches seashell – perfect frame for photos from vacation.

Letters of plasterboard decorated with seashells add fresh interior of a city apartment.

Wall wreath made of shells and dried flowers.

Very easy to make a wreath of different shells that you can hang on the wall.

Simple decoration, which will bring the energy to the wind and the sea in the house.

Small, funny figures of animals made of seashells.

Each box will be unusual if it is to decorate the shells and shiny beads.

A large seashell can be accommodated within the framework of the original mini pots, handmade from everything that comes in handy.