14 exclusive ideas how to make a bottle of champagne decoration new years table

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His capsules for bottles can be a couple of minutes from fabric residues and artificial fur found in each home. In addition, they may be connected.

Coarse decorative rope texture combined with elegant ribbon and shiny Christmas toys. Rep can wind the bottle in its entirety or just its neck.

Brilliant furnishings easily create a festive mood. Decorating the bottles use foil or sequins to glue on the glass.

Champagne and chocolate – a classic set of Christmas decorations. So why not combine them in a literal sense? Candy is glued to the bottle using a silicone glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

Unusual clothes for the bottle can be made from an old shirt or tie you. Choose textured and patterned knitted fabrics: such interior will look more interesting.

If the fur, which can be wounded, is not found, replace it with an artificial. The advantage of such an interior lies in the fact that chilled champagne will be heated slowly.

Residues of, velvet other dense textiles felt or can be used to sew the covers for champagne. Optional covers are decorated with applications, buttons, beads.

Fold in the form of a can of tissue paper is similar to a hat of Santa Claus. To strengthen these compounds make fur yarn or beard, and shiny beads – the nose.

It is not necessary to decorate a bottle of champagne as a whole. Even a bottle decorated with a throat change the familiar look of the new year's table.

Decorating champagne can be a few minutes. Just take a piece of cloth of the appropriate size, wrap them a bottle and tie a tie.

Light bands transform a regular bottle. If the deal with intricate weaving no one desires, just point-fix tape transparent glue.