14 tips die u tijd en geld bespaart tijdens het schoonmaken van de huis en schoonmaak

If cleaning the house and cleaning things a burden for you, intrigue you! This work can be perceived differently. Sometimes gives extra satisfaction: after general cleaning you enjoy sparkling clean. Sometimes the service can be a therapeutic means: it distracts you from the heavy thoughts and acts as a kind of psychological relief after a hectic day.

In general, the maintenance of cleanliness in the house requires constant effort. It seems that this case is no end in sight. And if you have children, something clean and remove the need to always.

That's why good advice, help and direct keeping clean will never be superfluous. With them, this is not an easy job will take much less time, but the result will delight you and your loved ones.

Do not be surprised. There is nothing like plain baking powder could not handle! This is the most useful and available tool that can help in many cases life! Selling soda at any grocery store, but in fact it is not only used in cooking. It is also an excellent degreaser, deodorant and detergent.

Three common and complicated cases where soda is sure to help:

Tired to remove traces of water with your furniture? It seems that divorce does not go away, but in fact it's not that hard – take a hair dryer (or iron). Stains that result from the fact that moisture is absorbed into the wood and locked there, trapped. A hot dryer wipes the moisture, which results in a disappearance and space itself.

Well, maybe not all things, but only that can be washed in the dishwasher. This may be

To quickly remove spillage on the table ell fluid on the floor, do not necessarily grab paper towel or cloth. You can take some flour and sprinkle formed a puddle. Melt quickly absorbs fluid and will not spread further. In addition, removing the wet flour is quick and easy.

You do not like to clean the microwave? At the same time there is a very easy way – cut lemon into two halves and place them in a bowl (suitable for use in a microwave) water. Put the bowl in the oven to warm for 3 minutes. Then leave it in a microwave oven for 5 minutes.

The steam from the boiling water will fill the inner space of the stove and lemon – natural degreasing agent, it will soft dry splashes of grease on the walls. When you remove the bowl of lemon, you will simply wipe dry with a microwave, and it will be completely clean.

Dip cotton cloths in bleach (do not forget about its rubber gloves!) And cover the areas of tiles and sealants around the sink or tub, where there was mold. It is best to leave cotton soils in the contaminated areas at night. The next day the shape of the bottom will not be!

Lampshades attract dust like a magnet, and rendem – it's a nightmare. But there is a simple solution – use a sticky wool for clothes! These films are created to collect all dirt, they do an excellent job of cleaning, not just clothes, but also lampshades. By the way, with your help you can quickly clean the curtains and carpets.

With this household appliance to control cleanliness will be much easier. You will be able to clean:

There is nothing worse than bad breath, propagation from the union. But he did not get rid of the problem. Just take baking soda (it's a very effective remedy). Pour a handful of baking soda on the bottom of the bucket before investing in a new bag. Soda away smells and trash can not destroy the air in the kitchen.

Before changing from a wet vacuum cleaner to the dryer, take the tumble dryer, dry towel. Towel absorbs moisture, which reduces the time required to dry laundry. This will save energy (and money!). But remember to pull the towel out of the machine 15 minutes after the start of the cycle, or it will continue to absorb water, and the drying time, on the contrary, increases.