15 amazing examples design houses and buildings made shipping containers

Shipping Container House in Mojave Desert by Ecotech Design Night

Fantastic buildings of transport containers.
Economic and environmentally friendly construction today It can be called the most important trend in housing construction. Therefore, the huge popularity is newly acquired as building material transport container. Which of them can be built, please see our review.

The pretty guesthouse, made of regular 40-foot container.

The container was painted in blue color, there were two sections cut, into which were the large windows and sliding doors inserted.

Inside the house lined with wood paneling. The interior of the house is quite simple because of the limited space.

Large house completely built in the container.

The house has several levels. Inside the main building there are a smaller individual components, which look like detached houses.

The house has one bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen.

The original design of the well-known Starbucks cafe, built by transport container.

The compact building is not only a coffee maker, but there is also a small workplace for the employees.

Spacious two-story house built of eight for transport container.

The house is very bright thanks to the large glass windows that can close the doors of the containers, if necessary act as reliable gaps.

Inside the house looks modern and elegant thanks to the technology and furniture in hi-tech style.

The original spiral staircase of the metallic spiral is created by a modern, ergonomic design. On the second floor there are interesting solutions of stairs and ladders.

Cheap house 1000 square feet, built of two containers.

Large windows and a bright interior home without frills make it spacious and comfortable for living or vacation.

Residential house with a unique design, built of 6 containers.

This project has an original design that combines indoors and outdoors.

The house has a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Residential building, 2600 square feet of space, built of 5 transport containers.

The house has a roof with greenery, geothermal heat and high-tech insulation systems that make the stay as comfortable as possible.

The unique module of the eco-house of old transport containers.

A two-storey house built of 4 ex-containers. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room and kitchen, while the other – three comfortable rooms.

The interior, designed in bright colors to create the impression of a large interior space.

Fantastic architectural masterpieces, built from converted transport containers, surrounded by glazed wooden skeletons.

Container restaurant in minimalist style can accommodate 120 people.

A small two-storey house, consisting of two containers. The advantages of this house are that it has a very low price, in addition, it is quickly installed and easily moved.

The interior is mainly used wooden elements. The house has minimal facilities for temporary accommodation.

Unusual hotels, reminiscent of the ocean container harbor or container yard.

The hotel has many themed areas for leisure and recreation.

On the roof of the hotel is the "Hafen Sauna", with plenty of sun loungers and stunning panoramic views of the harbor.

The world's first shopping mall completely built from transport containers.

The plant consists of a 61-container. The center area is divided into individual stores, which is unusual for the design of shopping centers.

In contrast, affordable housing from transport containers and interesting to learn about the 10 most expensive construction projects in the world.