15 creatieve ideeën die helpen om een ​​oud venster in werk art te veranderen

15 tips die je nu toe kunt passen om de verkoop in jouw winkel locatie te stimuleren u2013 Decision Tree

The second life old window

plastic windows You are almost out of control of objects. But after earning a good long old window, it can be converted into other objects and furnishings. Of them can make a fake window hangers, table frames, coffee tables and a lot of other interesting things

2. Stylish table from an old window

3. This furniture will be a good complement interior

1. Coffee table
When installing plastic windows, you can think of how to use inside the old frame. Most of the time they are simply thrown, and after all they can turn out to be nice and functional furniture, such as coffee tables.

4th bedside
Old windows can very well be part of the interior design room. It can be installed instead of the head of the bed. It is true that the rooms are decorated in rustic style, such as land or provence.

5. Convenient and elegant inner element

Carpentry can be an excellent photo frame. And you can set the photo as in each cell of the frame, and make a big poster on the width of the entire window. This item relevant interior used to visually expand the space as a fake window.

Leave a message sweet dear people, make-up notes and set up shopping lists are very comfortable on a provisional board. It can be done on the same old window, equipped with cork or slate sheets, comfortable spaces for storing pictures and notes.

10. Bulletin board

11. Appropriate board for notes

12. Cute little thing

If the window frames hooks complement it could become a hanger for clothes or housekeepers. And yet old windows can be turned into a small cabinet for storing small things. To do this enough to make a wooden box the size of the frame and attach it to the old window.