15 design ideas for the interior that will soon become trendy

2019 Interior Design Trends

Matt Bronze – more versatile in terms of compatibility with the inner style, as opposed to the shiny. This metal looks more refined.

First of all, we are talking about so-called "Moododyr" – bathroom furniture that combines the features of storage, dressing table and pedestal sink. Even an old chest of drawers or a small desk in design fittings are Moidodyr.

The dimensions allow the use of the corridor for his finishing elite material. In addition, there are permitted most daring experiments – because time is spending some time.

The panels in the lower part of the wall to protect it from moisture are no less reliable than the usual plates. The remaining space is covered with waterproof color.

If out for the kitchen floor tiles with a graphic pattern, the plate is better to make monotonous. Otherwise, there is a risk of going beyond the limits for good taste.

Conventional lamps, standing next to the bed, look bored. A hanging lamp will also save valuable space in a small bedroom.

If the kitchen was left free wall, and essential pieces of furniture already written, then next to it is possible to put a kitchenette. From usual, it is different in size and functionality. For more kitchen furniture can serve as a mini-bar, coffee corner, shelves for beautiful glass.

Many believe that the bedroom is acceptable only pastel colors. But more and more designers decorate the inside of the bedroom in caramel, ruby, crimson, and even black.

Warm wood texture smoothly cools off a kitchen dominated by white color.

Kitchen furniture, dominated by wooden facades – is not a remnant of the time, and the trend is that more and more designers use. This interior can also look modern.

Standard finishes kitchen apron – a rectangular or square mosaic. Designers are advised to pay attention to other forms of tiles.