15 examples how give new life old things

New Uses for Old Things

Conversion of old things

Many things considered to be long-lasting can be transformed into functional objects of furnishings, as well as complement the original interior. And if you hang old rake at home, do not dare everyone, then at the cottage, they will look like.

2. The case turns into in a nice organizer of jewelry

3. Practical shelf for storing small things

1. The second life of old guitars
My favorite guitar, which has been out of order for a long time or broken, does not need to collect dust in the wardrobe. To complete their internal shelves and, if desired, and paint the inside of the guitar, it will come out of it a large functional furniture. Here, books, bells, small ornaments fit dear to the heart.

4. Now it's not just an old door
Some doors did not last long, with the time needed to change. But even the old interior door can be reborn in a comfortable rack. Whether it is used in vintage or rustic style, you can give it a ridden look. Creative space will provide door rack bright colors, such as blue or red.

5. Bright door practical for storing small things summer

6. Rack of old door

7. Rake the place for railing

8. Holder for glasses

9. Now gear in order

10. Beautiful old installation of drawers

11. A good looking magazine holder

At first glance, a bulb bulb completely useless thing and place it in the trash bin. But connecting the mind and the unnecessary things can be made annual vase or interesting decor for the nursery school.

12. Sweetheart fast

13. Green decor

14. Interior

15. The second life of old incandescent lamps
The fact is that many unnecessary things and useful to create unusual bedside. In our review, you can see 30 of the most original example designs.