15 examples how you can transform an ordinary pine cone

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3-Minute DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones & Branches {3 Ways!} - A Piece

Christmas decorations from cones

How to make a budget for their Christmas decoration hands and do not spend a dime on this? We found the most creative and innovative thinking that will help to make simple real artwork interior design.

Decorative Christmas trees from wives

Alternative Christmas trees

Simple and beautiful Christmas decorations

Garnish with a lump can be beads

Christmas tree cones
This idea will surely enjoy defenders of nature, which basically do not put a living spruce like a Christmas tree. Creating an alternative Christmas tree will need a base – a small piece of hemp or pot indoor flower. If desired, lump can be covered with paint, for these purposes, you can use plain or decorative gouache splash glitter. Decorating this Christmas tree handcrafted textile band, felt pearls, sequins, beads, artificial snow.

Christmas decorations from cones
Christmas making toys with their own hands – a rock tradition. It is especially nice to have children. You can create original jewelry throughout the family. Additionally, jute, rain, glue with glitter, color and satin ribbon should be reserved. Toys from their own hands, will transform interior, will make the situation very cozy and warm.

For decorative effect lump can be painted in white

One only needs to decorate the satin bank, it will be a wonderful Christmas toy

Decorative candles with their own hands

Beautiful Christmas composition

Colored cones as part of the interior

Decorative Christmas composition

Festive composition of cones and granary

Unusual decor wives
The day before holidays should consider not only the interior decor, but also the New Year's menu. And dishes in short hit the household, you have to work fine. How-to? We found a lot of cool ideas that will make visitors float surprised.