15 great ideas how to turn old furniture into designer interior

22 Amazing Ways to Turn Old Furniture into New Beautiful Things Through DIY Tricks: 2 an old cabinet into a storage space

New life for old furniture.
Old grandmother furniture – it's not the trash bin in the closet just in the closet. From the old Soviet benches, cabinets, cabinets can make a very real design furniture, if you count imagination and "crazy hands". And these 15 unique specimens – not all that can be obtained by referring to the arsenal of high quality furniture with history.

Old grandmother's ladder has been transformed into a modern and functional wardrobe thanks to a soft cloth cover.

Simple and homely side tables have become much lighter and more interesting.

The bulky table has a new color and the design of the original countertop.

Regular chair transforms into a masterpiece design thanks to the bright colors and new upholstery.

Wardrobe soldier got a new color and function.

Solid mirror can be transformed into an elegant desk.

Old wooden cabinets became light nightstands.

Coarse agency became elegant and simple thanks to its bright color and fine pattern.

Faceless sofa transforms into a light trim sofa.

The old table with drawers can be transformed into the modern workplace.

Shabby chair revived thanks to its bright color.

Excellent service can also make the old window frame, for which there are at least 15 creative ideas that will help transform it into a work of art.

The old cabinet was transformed thanks to the black and white self-adhesive.