15 ingenious ways disguise electrical wires and sockets

Hiding Router, cable box, outlets, or any kind of wiring/cords.

Methods for masking electrical wires and sockets

Electric cables can destroy even the most expensive and elegant decor. Co-woven colored threads, sometimes tangled or twisted, look very unattractive. What to do with these "parasites space"?

2. Megapolis

3. Electroart

4. In the classic style

5. Middle East Architecture

1. beautiful tree
Many people try to hide the threads at once, for example, under the carpet, behind the furniture or floor tiles. But this is not the only way to hide them. If desired, and free time availability, you can create an overall image of the power cable. This will require wire console. With their help, it is easy to attach the cable to the wall. This method will not only solve the problem of masking cable, and help decorate the empty coarse wall.

6. Color accent
If the thread is released in color scheme, it can be used as an accent. It is necessary to make some curls on the wall, in this case do not necessarily come with vysokohudozhetsvennye subjects. To thread harmoniously fit into the space should pick up the tone of it any accessories. In the kitchen it can be a plate or a cup, in the living room – a vase, and in the bedroom – a decorative pillow.

7. Elegant wave

8. Power
In addition, it is good to use a heat-resistant tape paint. It can be cut in the form of leaves, flowers or butterflies and decorate them electrically.

10. It's easy

Camouflage not only allows electric cables, but also exchanges stores. In addition, it is interesting to see the surface as personally painted and decorated with vinyl stickers. Even more creative options would be a special house for the outlet. Products can be from a small onboard using the original door.

11. Pets for all

12. As for the art gallery

13. Curious Warning

14. The Magic Door

15. Mishkin house?
By the way, there are many ways of unusual decor and budget, which can decorate the inside space and hide flaws.