15 original examples how store sunglasses

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Original storage of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a universal accessory that lets you change the image with minimal cost. And when their gathering grows large, there is a need for a special organizer. What does it do and where do you want to place?

2. Sweet bowl, where the same without him?

3. Excellent collection

1. And who said it was a clothes hanger?
This organizer finds in each wardrobe. If desired, you can select it in the store, if you need a hanger some color or size. On average, custom clothing hats suit up to 8 models of sunglasses. They can hide in the closet so that they do not collect dust or decorate their interior, hanging on a wall.

4. Not just ram
Frames and lists always give interior sound. Choose they can be under no space. They are versatile and practical. They are not only suitable for framing paintings, pictures or posters. For example, if it is equipped with this accessory several rows of fishing rod or thin wire, it may become an organizer for glasses. All frames can be colored or decorated for the needs of the interior, this is a more undeniable advantage with such a decoration.

5. Stylish and elegant

6. Luxury baguette for a large collection

7. The universal furniture

8. Showcase Sunglasses

9. All the shelves

10. The board is hooks and the organizer ready!

11. Stylish shelves for glasses

12. Pointing to the roof railing
Even the most common bundles, which often tie up the bags, can be held for sunglasses.

13. Neutral harness as a glasses holder
Easy to store glasses and homemade textile pockets and the installation of colored bands, fixed to the wall, it will not only be a practical organizer, but also a beautiful decoration element.

14. Textile organizer for glasses

15. Colored bands and fashionable glasses – Elegant combination
Often, along with a collection of items nowhere to store and pet jewelry. In order to solve this problem once and for all, it is necessary to make an original jewelry organizer that will help keep them in good condition.