15 simple ideas wall decor that add freshness to interior

15 simple ideas wall decor that will add freshness interior. More

Simple and modern ideas for wall decorations.
Upgrading the interior of today is not necessary to make global progress. Repairs can wait without updating the wall, thanks to these 15 handmade ideas that require more than one hour of free time.

Bright, arbitrary bleeding on the white wall of the room will add bright colors.

Light strands hanging from the wood plate – original and simple decoration for the walls.

Big old posters in frame.

Wallpaper with volume element – hits of the season.

A lot of light painted tiles look good on the walls of the kitchen or dining room.

Simple but elegant painting of wooden planks in different shades.

A large board of meaningful words.

Photo murals with the original pattern fits perfectly into each interior.

The plates are light wood with burned inscriptions.

Beautiful composition of wood and galgar-Stars, which fits perfectly into the interior of the children's room.

Vibrant paintings of fabric and foam, which can be done with your own hands.

The original interior of the wall in the old window frames and wood branches.
In addition to the decoration of the walls, other cozy decorations can be made, with their own hands, for example, take a suitable idea of ​​the number of 15 easy and affordable ways to effectively update the interior of the room.

From wood Spili can create absolutely some shape and glue them and hang on the wall.