15 simple ways freshen up interior without spending big sums money

Collect this idea how to make your house

How to Make your House a Home Without Spending any Money Traveller Location

Cheap ideas to help the fresh inside of the apartment.
Experienced decorators are sure that to convert the interior of the apartment does not need to make major repairs or to invest large sums of money. Changing the background can be virtually no material costs. We only need some imagination and ability to work with our hands.

Plasma TV hangs on the wall you can draw a frame, baguette or a wide casting.

Bright and neutral carpet, made by hand with love and put the house warm and cozy.

From wooden pallets (pallets) can make a lot of original furniture.

Window frames, wires, beads, pearls, stones, seashells – Ideal for amazing paintings and installations that will add individuality apartment.

LED girlanger can be decorated with mirrors, curtains, bedside and even the walls. Such a decoration looks very impressive.

Updating the interior is not necessarily to change floors or walls, just enough to decorate outdated smudges wide stripes.

Fancy chandeliers and lamps made with their own hands will illuminate each interior.

Renovate old furniture, you can use a regular color and decorative lists.

Mirrors and mirrors will not only add luxury interior, but also help to expand the space visually flat.

Vinyl stickers – one of the easiest ways to decorate the walls.

With decorative lists and baguettes can update a simple construction of the ceiling.

For those who have a small living room, gain access to 10 great ideas for organizing space. It is enough to realize at least one, and the apartment owners will be subject to pride.