15 stunning ideas create kitchen your dreams

Take painting cabinets to the next level by using contrasting colors. Here, a creamy taupe on the lower cabinets grounds the kitchen, while a lighter,

The elegant interior of the kitchen and unusual design solutions.
Kitchen is rightly considered to be the most popular room in the house. Here the whole family, here guests can come here every family member spend a decent time. It depends on some of its design should pay particular attention. And in our review – 15 ideas that can inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Elegant kitchen in pastel colors with elegant furniture and gold-plated elements.

Strict, aristocratic and functional kitchen with lots of drawers and a large dining table, an island.

Functional and modern kitchen with plenty of work surfaces, powerful hood and a large dining table in the middle.

The bright, elegant kitchen, decorated with old antique furniture, decorated with different pieces of textiles and light accessories.

Simple, functional and bright kitchen, made in white using only natural materials.

Small kitchen, done in black and white, with pull-out dining table.

Cozy kitchen in a rustic style with wooden furniture and stone walls.

Great food, merged with natural materials, high tech futuristic and unusual decorations.

The small kitchen with large work surface, which also performs the features of the table, and the unusual design of the window.

The bright open kitchen, combined with the living room.

A slim rectangular compact kitchen with dining table, decorated with a variety of decorative elements.

Small kitchen in conjunction with a nice coin color, compactly decorated with wooden furniture.

And sort out the general orientation, you can go to tasks, and draw attention to the kitchen tile apron, and here it is important to know what are the rules for selection and care tips.

The modern and functional kitchen with large working surface, a transformer, which allows the use of space ratsioalno.