15 tricks for a little child that will turn it into a dream room baby

These 26 Crazy Kids' Rooms Will Make You Want to Redecorate Immediately

Who has said that a variety of Christmas decorations can only be used in gala days? Such decorations immediately wreak the inside of a toddler without burping. In addition, the democratic price allows holiday decor you change it as often as you like. Paper balls, wreaths The options are many.

For decorative accent wall in a small childlike wallpaper the wallpaper with a complex pattern, which is a long time will not care the baby. Ideal – a picture that will also contribute to the intellectual development of the child. For example, a world map in the wall.

The workplace for older children, surrounded by a mini-wardrobe – perfect for small children's rooms. This trick allows you to take full advantage of the vertical space in one of the walls.

Plastic wall panel safely protects the children from dirt and mechanical damage. And to such a surface has become more functional and sure at the top of a plinth. He will play the role of shelves where the children will be able to place favorite toys and other necessary things.

Often children are not removed, not because they do not have the desire to do so, but because of the inconvenience or complexity of the process. To the room were less scattered clothes, simplify it as much as possible
storage. For example, put the child in a spacious clothes hanger.

The interior, which will always be relevant to the child -This wood letter, consisting of the name of its main owner. They can be hung on the wall or mounted on the bed. This simple trick helps the child feel like a full-fledged owner of your own personal space.

Producing rectangular shelves can be of dense Cardboards, such as shoes. The more of these boxes – the better. The child will be able to sort all your favorite toys and little things. It will also enable the use of vertical space in storage.

Children tend to steal wall posters, pictures, pictures It looks good, but the location of this decoration suffers wall decoration. Hang several large slabs with cork flooring, a long line of clothes nails. It does not have to struggle with a child trying to decorate the room to fit, as well as maintain integrity wall decoration.

The presence of a spacious drawer under the crib facilitates the process of cleaning the child in his room. In addition, such a storage system is particularly relevant in the interior of a small bedroom. After all, most of the opportunity for rational use of space under the bed forget.

Suspended bed – An original solution for the child who has not yet had time to get bored. To design was relatively stable, do not use long thick rope.

Interior small bedroom does not allow to allocate separate area for complete privacy of the child, such as setting the toy house or hut. But that's a problem. Whole child can retire for a roof or awning, fixed over the bed. This solution is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys.