16 new ideas for the interior of a small bedroom that will make her the best room in the house

A slim shelf replaces bedside tables that takes up a lot of space. We recommend pushing the bed away from the wall width of the shelf to ensure the safety of lying on the bed.

Wardrobe space hold all your clothes and to be next to him the shelf – other things needed in the bedroom.

Replacing Conventional Led Doors Mobile Partition – The perfect solution for those who want to save space in a small bedroom.

Open shelves in the wall are very comfortable. They can not just be a place to put everything right, but also to serve as a desk.

Light wall becomes the pinnacle of a small bedroom, without removing already missing area.

If the apartment is not enough space, then think about how to arrange the bedroom on the pallet. The space below can be used as a storage system.

Even in a small bedroom can accommodate a mini dressing. That it does not reduce the space, do it without doors.

Small bedroom design will transform the unusual ceiling. Treat him lying on the bed, you can spend hours.