16 original paintings and murals that help create a comfortable atmosphere

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Color snow-white tablecloth to complete the room.
Pictures – are not just a source of inspiration and mood, they can call that special totally different feeling, and even drive space. Therefore, choosing a picture in the bedroom, kitchen, hall should be careful. 16 and these striking examples can help determine the choice of style for anyone who wants to pick up your decor some fabric.

The combination of light and dark tones in the design, with unusual wall decorations – is the atmosphere.

Black and white decor, combined with a beautiful image.

Pictures beyond the cozy atmosphere of the room.

The abstract of wall decoration in the room, took a special interest in it.

Beige motifs in combination with black and white – a great opportunity to show originality and style.

Bright colors in the design of the room in addition, unusual picture – a promise of good mood.

Very attractive color cloth in addition to the snowy room.

Excellent combination of black and white for a special atmosphere and state of mind.

Add the unusual color of the sunset image of a cozy decor room.

Classic in relation to a bright image – it's the atmosphere of creativity and spiritual conversation.

Beige tones combined with a tree and a beautiful painting with nature – a place to relax.

Image with image abstraction – a special moment in the creation of the atmosphere in the room.

Style wall decoration dictates unusual atmosphere in the room and originality.
To create a cozy and fun room, except the pictures, you can use 10 simple ways to make a dark room lighter and friendlier.