16 spannende ideeën die transformeren over erkenning flowerpots

HARRY! by WestCord #14 by WestCord Hotels BV
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Warm winter sweater, which is no longer possible to wear, will be an excellent material for decorating flower pots with their hands. Cut the sleeves, stop the edges and put a flower.

Garnish with a low capacity for colors obtained by using wooden plugs. Just attach them to their top edge.

A set of colored pencils, or simple, glued to the pot, it will change. In addition, decorative cord, ribbon, rosettes use.

Paint pots in any bright color, for example, pink. After drying with the tape mark the contours of the future pattern – a triangle and fill it with gold color. When the figure is dry, carefully remove plastic film.

Paint ceramic or brown plastic pots of light acrylic paint. After it is completely dry sandpaper is necessary to clean up certain areas. To a flower pot with their hands looks even more spectacular, use several colors of color.

Old leather belts will be an unusual decoration for flower pot. Cut them so that they get stuck firmly on the pot, do not let go.

Apply on the surface of pots any relief detail, such as legumes or wine corks. Then dye.

Slightly deform metal cans and paint them in the desired color. Do not forget about the hole at the bottom – it is necessary to drain excess liquid when watering flowers.

Large ropes or strings are suitable for destroying a flower pot with their own hands. Apply abundant silicone adhesive on its surface and tightly wrap the rope. Several coils can be painted in a contrasting color.

Decorate a flower pot with your hands can be glued with thin cut down a tree. The easiest way to do this – cut into thin twigs with sharp bits.

The technique of performing such an impressive decorative piece is simple. Somewhat dilute PVA glue with water. A piece of cloth the desired size of the pot to level the surface with a brush, generously immersed in the binder solution. If the pot is made of soft plastic, it is pre-prime with acrylic paint. After drying the fabric cover the pot with a paint.