16 useful tips that undoubtedly come handy everyday life

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: Cy Tymony: 0050837222465:
Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: Cy Tymony: 0050837222465: : Books

Simple tips that will be useful in everyday life.
If you want to keep everything under control, or you often spend some time spending on household chores, the tips that can ease and speed up the number of home affairs will be very useful!

Use a clip to determine the end of the band.

Fold vertical things to get rid of the mess in the wardrobe.

Take advantage of clear coat to securely lock the thread buttons.

Use a gem to comfortably and economically press different pipes.

Put shoes in a dry teabag for a few hours to get rid of the smell.

Use a needle to safely drive a nail.

Use foil to increase the size of the battery.

Bottle wrapped with a damp cloth, cooled for several minutes in the fridge.

If you put your phone to an empty glass, the music volume will increase significantly.

At the exit parking to park backwards better.

Put a wooden slab on the pot boiling liquid is not poured.

Cardboard tray eggs to protect the laptop from overheating and ensure good air circulation.

Use toothpaste to have a good laundry light.

Brilliant way to layout sausage.