17 brilliant ideas transform garden and make summer unforgettable leisure


Ideas for the most family friendly backyard EVER - Emily Henderson

Budget proposals for decoration and arrangement of suburban area.
Private garden – a real island of nature, where you can have a good time. And it does not matter what the area has been used for the garden, there is always the opportunity to do it, feeling in this "green" island as comfortable as possible. In our review of several design ideas to help organize the garden space.

Seats in plastic boxes.
People who love to gather big companies and picnic in the country, probably, facing the problem of residents guests. To solve this problem will help plastic boxes that can be painted with light color and attach some wooden planks.

Wooden roof with glass inserts.
To a regular wooden roof has got a whole new kind of magic, you just need to drill a hole in it nicely and add to colored glass.

Flower rack from the pallet.
Loading pallets, painted all a color ink, are perfect for the original placement of flower pots.

Hammock in the fresh air.
What could be better than an open-air vacation in the shade of flowering trees? And as a light source, wreaths of light bulbs can be used.

Classic concrete slabs.
That children do not get bored, light spot in the garden classic. Remove from any residues of concrete slabs.

An elegant place for a picnic.
It does not matter if the country is not a gazebo. Picnic area, you can isolate light curtains that can be linked to tree branches.

Mini-bar in the garden.
Find a place in the garden where you can place food and drink. Such an outdoor minibar will provide quick access to cold drinks and snacks.

The table from the stump.
Charming round tables from stump and wood countertops will allow a cup of coffee or a snack in the free.

Homemade fountain.
Why buy an expensive fountain if it can be done with your hands? For example, a teapot, bowls and wooden carts.

Decorate chair light thread.
Sure, many people are dumped to the country that issued the old types of furniture. Decorate ugly chairs colorful thread to refresh their appearance.

The ladder of the old door.
Charming hide for gardening tools can be constructed from old doors.

Mini-dust of a wooden box.
You can make a wonderful mini-dust from the old-depth chest of drawers, which will be a unique suburban decoration.

Feeder cups and barrels.

Slate in the garden.
Most of the slate in the garden will be enjoyed not only children but even adults.

Make adorable feeders of old ceramic cups and barrels to fill your garden with a beautiful birdsong.

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Bar and Grill.
At the front of the house you can place an open value grid grill, knives, leaves and a minimum of spices.