17 cool ideas use stones house and garden design

17 ideas for decorating your exterior with boulders (7

Original stone decoration ideas.
Lifeless stones can be found in the application center. They can be used when making a garden. In addition, the stones – it's a big part of decorating the house, both outside and inside. Our new survey will help understand this sensitive issue.

The original design of the kitchen island.
Köksö, decorated with the original masonry of the massive river rocks.

Table lamp with a stone base.
Ornate table lamp with a base made of river stones.

Interior garden walk.
The contours of the garden corridor can be decorated with bright and mysterious river gravel LED backlighting.

Carpet handmade baths.

Stuff filled with river rocks.
Vas, filled with small rivers, perfect for storing brushes.

Hooks and handles, decorated with stones.
Small stones are perfect for creating original clothes hooks or for renovating old pencils.

Bed table, decorated with pebbles.
Genuine wood and river gravel – perfect material for creative design bedside.

Flower pot decorated with pebbles.
The river gravel can be used as a finishing material for large flower pots.

Beachy wall in the bathroom.
Beachy wall in the bathroom – a great alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. Masonry separates durability, is resistant to moisture and looks really luxurious.

Garden roads the river gravel.
Pancakes of pebbles can be used to create a creative garden path.

Outdoor shower with a wooden tray filled with pebbles.
Wide wooden box filled with gravel – A comfortable solution for a summer shower.

Shelves made of pebbles.
Great wall shelf with pebbles and dark wood.

Bio-stove – this is an excellent alternative to the present and the charming detail in the interior. Making bio tile oven is not difficult. It only takes fuel capacity, burner and small stones for decoration.

Bio stove, decorated with pebbles.

The frame, decorated with pebbles.
The frame for a mirror, decorated with stone brickwork will be the original decoration bathroom.

Beachy is under threat.
Effective support under warm, which is very easy to do with their own hands from the old cloth and smooth river rocks.