17 fantastic interiors that turn heads any

Raad Studio turns Tribeca lofts with exposed arches
Raad Studio turns two Tribeca lofts with exposed arches into huge apartment

Cheating interiors.
Many people want the home environment to be memorable comfortably, but also a living and memorable. Modern designers now offer incredible ideas, realizing that you can become owners of an apartment or house with a truly stunning decor.

Room with a large panoramic window.
Spacious room with a fireplace and a large panoramic window, offering stunning views of the Grand Escalante.

The cozy living room with a minimum of furniture and a unique glass wall, which if desired can be lifted and rotated.

Living room with a glass wall rotatable.

Modern living room with a brick wall.
The spacious and bright living room with white furniture and a brick wall painted in bright colors.

Living room with a pool.
Luxurious living room with original furniture and a small pool.

Bright interior of the nursery.
Spacious children's room with succulent bright green walls and original sleeping in the floor.

Residential house, which is an open space, completely decorated in white.

Modern lounge.
Dim light, soft sofa and a big plasma TV – what you need for a relaxing family holiday.

an open interior with an unusual library.
Charming interior style with glass walls and an original library.

Living room with glass walls.
Stunning living room with a large leather sofa, fireplace and walls of glass, behind which is the dense chandelier.

Dining room with a large aquarium.
Spectacular dining room in white and yellow colors with a large aquarium.

Living room with mirror in the ceiling.
Extravagant interior room with a wide sofa, a round mirror on the ceiling and a spectacular chandelier design.

Futuristic interior lounges.
The ultra modern living room in a black and gold color scheme.

Bedroom with oriental style elements.
Elegant bedroom in brown, gray and gold tones with a large bed and a luxury coffee table.

The spacious living room in a classic style.
Elegant living room with a large stone fireplace, animal heads on the walls and luxurious curtains on the windows.

Dining room with an unusual glass floor.
The eclectic interior dining area with swings and a stunning floating floor that looks like broken glass.