17 goede voorbeelden gebruiken concrete blokken in tuin en in huis

Excellent examples of ash blocks.
Even coarse and gray concrete blocks are chic and beautiful if you know how to use them. It is best to use such material in the garden arrangements. However, the device can be inside the house. In his review we have collected the most striking examples of decoration using concrete blocks.

Hardened ash block.
Simple and relatively low cost idea of ​​creating a cozy outdoor hardness that consists of two rows of ash blocks on the platform of bricks.

Support for the table.
Concrete blocks will be a reliable support for the table or at the bar.

Garden bench.
From ash blocks and wooden beams, you can build a wonderful bench for a comfortable stay in the fresh air.

Charming design for the garden.

The holes in the ash block, just what we needed, suitable for growing small plants.

Decorative fence.
Charming decorative fence from a variety of concrete blocks stacked together.

From concrete blocks can make a beautiful and comfortable beds to grow vegetables and herbs.

Installation of ash blocks and lights.
To create these amazing facilities, carefully wrap 6-10 ash blocks, and in the hollow holes to place light.

Polennitsa ash block.
From some ash blocks and wooden beams, you can make a small woodwood to store small wood.

The frame of ash block.
From the ash block to get a reliable frame for the bed. By the way, the hollow holes convulkaner block construction, are ideal for storing shoes.

Shelves for basements.
Use ash blocks and wooden shelves to organize practical storage in the basement.

Birdhouses ash block.
Simple and original birdhouses ash block.

Functional cabinet.
Spacious tripod with a frame of ash blocks, which fits perfectly into the interior of a country house and is suitable for storing video.

Open book cabinet ash block.
A small outdoor box in wood and ash block, suitable for storing books and other small things.

A place to store wine.
From the ash block can be designed the cradle for storing wine bottles.

The theme continues a further 16 examples of garden design in the current summer season.

Seat ash blocks.
Easy feces ash block that can be done in less than five minutes.