17 great ideas for event patio

inexpensive outdoor wedding | Filed in: Cheap Outdoor
inexpensive outdoor wedding | Filed in: Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Great examples of the arrangement of the elegant patio.
Every day closer to Christmas season. That is why now it's time to think about how to restore the scheme on the farm. We have compiled some great ideas on this topic, some parts that can be implemented in their country.

Cozy backyard.

Beautiful and multifunctional space.
A great example of the correct zone layout of a small backyard.

A small playground, plastered with stone slabs, a round dining table and original benches for rest.

Contrast cover patio.
Large patio with a small seating area and an island of lush lawn.

an outdoor seating.

Terrace over the pond.
Platform of wood with a small table and chairs, just above the pond.

Amazing scenery.
Patio with pergola and unique landscape.

A comfortable sofa near the green wall.
Hedges not only protect the area from curious eyes, but will also be a wonderful decoration of the yard.

Mostly modern terrace.
A small cozy terrace with comfortable sofas and a fireplace.

Recreation area on wooden platform.
Charming wooden platform with elegant furniture from the stool and a canopy.

Small patio with colorful furniture.
The narrow courtyard with soft red chairs, a coffee table and a comfortable sofa for outdoor relaxation.

Modern concrete patio.

Trendy patio with simple furniture made of concrete and a small fireplace.

Dinner on the terrace.
Dinner on the terrace with a well-kept lawn and a large fireplace.

Flowering garden.
Rattan furniture, full of flowers and different plants.

Veranda in oriental style.

The original design of the rear courtyard.
The wall with graceful Spanish arches – spectacular decoration recreation area in the garden.

Neither cottage can be without a garden. It will be interesting to find out 17 great ideas for beds in your garden.