17 insanely cute things for a house that can quickly be done by hand

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The elegant ornaments for the house with their own hands.
If you do not imagine my life without creativity and I enjoy all sorts of cute little things, you will surely enjoy these fun handmade ideas that can be carried out with their children. And it will be the most unusual and spiritual gifts for your loved ones.

Amazing sweet owl statues from shock and felt for home decor.

The main part of rain cloud fabric, wire and pearls, as you can decorate the walls of the nursery.

An unusual vase of fruit or candy that you can make yourself using a regular balloon, confetti and glue.

Great candleholder glass glasses and beautiful thick paper, which can be done in five minutes.

Funny pillow for needles in a light muffin belonging hook from the remains of yarn.

Update the website jacket, you can use a simple embroidery.

Touching Keychain "Toast" with a quiet little face, made of felt.

Single mirror "Bear" of cork fabric.

Karmannyya rolls of wire made of cardboard as a cat mordashek.

Big Bag "rabbit", who can do it himself.

The functional holder of unnecessary tennis ball for everything in the world.

Comfortable rack for cutlery from old canned baskets and a piece of wood.

An easy way to beautifully decorate a mug using nail polish.
The desire to do something unique always awakes creativity and these 15 amazing gadgets that you can do with their hands – will be of great help to those who love exclusive.