17 original ideas creating vertical garden decorate apartment or country house

The bright chairs on the balcony together with the potted plants give it a cheerful look! Plus you can move it inside as the cold comes.

Unique way to create a vertical garden.
With the approach of our increasingly eager to think about the garden and the lack of space beneath it should not stop the true lover of flowers and herbs. After all, simple and ergonomic vertical solutions are also available for those whose living conditions are bad. And we have 17 wonderful handmade projects that showcase the availability of this method of gardening.

garden flower pots Multi-level.
Budget and simple through the idea of ​​creating a beautiful garden in the form of a tower. You just need to put some pots in different sizes to each other and put the plant.

The original idea of ​​growing strawberries in PVC pipes. It is thus possible to grow it also carries on the balcony.

Strawberries in the tubes.

Vertical condition of flowers.
The striking vertical garden can be made from a conventional pallet. Put it in several types of favorite flowers or plants, give them a little bit to grow in a natural horizontal position, and then put the pallets vertically.

Small beds ash block or cement.

A flower bed of gabions.
Amazing flower discounts for a country house can be done using gabies.

Flower pyramid.
Multilevel garden conical wood frame.

The original structure.
Several bright flower pots, connected by means of valves.

Beautiful wreath to decorate the house.

Columbus plant.
Efficient and economical construction for vertical growing flowers or berries.

Plants, hanging from the roof of the strings.

An original way of decorating the apartment by means of field balls, from which grow small plants, hanging on the laces.

Shelf with fresh herbs.

Organizer of the Greens.
Unnecessary organizer can be used for shoes for growing potted plants.

Growing herbs and greens for salads is very convenient on a small vertical rack or shelf.

Plants in the frame.

Wooden slab with flower pots.
A plank or a piece of plywood attached to it with flower pots is spectacular decoration of the garden or balcony.

Decoration of flowers.
Make a nice decoration for the home can be released outside a small tree in a wooden form in the form of the desired letter.

And if the love of plants is so great that you are willing to grow them throughout the year, then pay attention to the amazing florariumov 17, which will be a unique decoration for all homes.