17 spectacular bedside tables that can be easily done with their own hands

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Neutral box of the old desk painted in the appropriate color to the interior can become an original nightstand table. It is only necessary to close the appropriate size.

Wood fits in almost all bedroom furnishings. The most important thing – making straight cut to the cabinet was stable.

The easiest way to make a bedside table of drawers – hang it on the wall. Lovers of more sophisticated solutions we recommend to attach the leg box.

Hanging shelves perfectly clear roll the nightstand. It just remains to prepare the board the right size and fix some hooks in the roof.

Normal chair replaces the nightstand. We are advised to choose the wood pattern of unusual design or use some chairs of different sizes.

We are all accustomed to the fact that on the night-time table lay a book or magazine. So why not make a nightstand of the books? In order for it to be durable, the covers can be glued together with honey or knot sharpening.

Inverted metal barrel would be extravagant bedside table. For trumpet boards are served for a long time, treat it with anti-corrosion compound.

Conventional ladders can serve as a place to host a variety of relevant details – from books and clothes to the lamp with a clip. paint a ladder in an unusual color, if desired.

Pallets are a real blessing for lovers to do things for the house with their own hands, especially furniture. Among them will produce and nightstands. Feet purchased in a furniture store or unscrewed from old furniture.

Two small boards, attach the metal base – and unusual Regemente, replace the nightstand table, ready. If you make holes in it, such regiments can form the basis of the location of hanging lights.

All the old furniture on the legs, beaded rack half can be unusual bed console. For a really impressive effect, it color a bright color. Then the night table will surprise not only the shape but also the color.