17 stylish ideas that help pump old staircase

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Enormous ideas stege transformation.
The apartments staircase is not often. Another thing – the house. Among all parts of the house, the staircase may be one of the hardest parts to decorate which is quite difficult. How to do it better, tells us our little review.

Stairs in white and blue colors.
White and blue railing and steps will update the look of the ladder and put the house a little bit of ocean motif.

Slate stickers numbering.
Decorate the old staircase, you can use a slate stickers decorated numbering.

Metal slats instead of a railing.
Metal slats instead of raising enriched stairs elegant and modern.

The staircase, decorated with birch rice.
Charming staircase interior with birch trunks.

Rep racked the place.
Rep – elegant and original alternative to the staircase.

Carpeted mats with horizontal stripes will help to decorate stairs and hide weary sheath.

Textile decoration rose.
Of the old unwanted rugs can make large colorful velcro straps for each stage.

Eco-style paintings near the stairs.
The wall of the staircase can be decorated with small pictures of flowers, fruits and animals.

Steps decorated with colorful stickers.

Multi-colored riser.
Color ink can update the appearance of the staircase.

Steps, painted by Ombre Technology.
Paint the stairs so that each next step was for one or two shades darker than the one before.

Riser decorated with inscriptions.
Aphorisms, will encourage slogans or lines from your favorite songs to be the original decoration of the stairs.

Stairs, stylized book.
Lovers of literature can decorate staircase risers pictures roots favorite books.

Stairs with lighting.

Beautiful pictures on riser.
People who are not denied talent artist can try to decorate the artistic painting stage.

Steps decorated with mosaics.
Old ceramics and glass splatter service are perfect for creating unique artistic mosaics.

LED lights installed under the stairs will help create a mysterious atmosphere.