18 budget and spectacular wall decorations that you can do with your hands

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Wonderful ornaments wall with their own hands.
Decorating your house at all, necessarily buying expensive things complies with the latest fashion trends. Many nice things you can do with your own hands. In our review of the collection of the most living and budget options.

Flowers from forms for muffins.
Because the paper molds for muffins make large mild chamomile as you can decorate the living room wall.

Luxury decoration of roof rosettes.
Ornamental roof rosettes can be used for wall decorations.

Inspire and motivate board.
Stylish decoration, which can be made of cardboard or a piece of plywood, decorated with magazine clippings and motivational quotes.

Wall decorated with vinyl plastic.
The room was a musician or creative person, you can decorate with old vinyl discs.

Panels made of twigs.
Large panels of branches fit perfectly into each interior.

You can use the old unnecessary buttons to create a bright wall decoration.

Paper flowers – a beautiful piece of jewelry that the power to do for everyone.

Most of the letters from the board.

The fashion trend that came to us from the west is the letters. They can be made of cardboard, wood, foam or fabric. Such a decoration looks stylish and original.

Funny pictures on hangers.
Small cards with funny pictures on hanger look very elegant and original.

The composition of the mirrors.
The original wall composition of several small mirrors in the same frame.

Lock on the walls.
Beautiful hanging caps and hats can be decorated with a wall girl bedroom or hall.

Volume ballerina.

The frame with the tissues.
Remarkable wall decorations can be made from any basket for embroidery and stains of light fabrics.

Surround panels, which can be done with your own hands.

Fresh flowers on the walls.
The walls of a private house, you can decorate living flowers. Attach them to the wall to help regular tapestries.

Wall decorations of feathers.
From painted feathers can make a unique wall decoration.

Glossy magazine within.
Covers of glossy magazine in simple minimalist frame will be spectacular decoration of modern bedrooms.